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LJ... you bitch...

Woke up, almost slept in, got up, did my stuff, then went to grab my brush from my bag. Well, my mirror broke. So it sliced my right pinkie (now making it hard to type and write) and it stung and bled alot!
Travel - Did Sports Tourism work, did early Relgion work, did Law work, and got hit in the head by peices of like, chewed yo cheese or something... and I told them to "F**k off!", the supply did nothing. They threw a bottle at my head... and I told them to "F**k off!", the supply did nothing. I was soooo pissed.
English - Sat through like 2 presentations, then she decided to let us do our ISU essays at home cause she didn't have time to to do them at school. So I waited in line, Shannon talked all class about her ISU presentation, so I thought it was a safe topic. BELL RINGS. So I talked to her about my essay:
ME: Miss, is my essay okay, cause you said yesturday it was crap...
Miss: No no, just work on this and that and this and that
ME: So, I'm not losing major marks?
Miss: Well blah blah blah
ME: So, about my presentation, can I...
Miss: Why are you only coming to me now?! (goes on and on...)
Annoying people: MISS! MISS! MISS! MISS! MISS! MISS! MISS!
Miss: (responds too most)
Colin: Miss, can I do this and that, and did you think this and that?
Miss: I'm... uhh... talking to Anita here...
Colin: No, Anita isn't important!
ME: You know what, that was the icing on my cake! (i stand up, grab my bag and proceed to walk away)
Miss: (calling to me) What about your theme?
ME: I don't care...
(come back 5 minutes later to get my essay)
Miss: So what about the theme?
ME: My essay's gonna be crap anywayz.
(keep walking)
I walked around, pretty damn pissed off.
Miss walks up:
Miss: Something the matter?
ME: No (outright lie)(rummaging through locker)
Miss: Are you mad at me?
ME: no...
Miss: Are you mad at Colin?
ME: no...
Miss: You're really not mad at me?
ME: no...
Miss: So... about your theme...
So I talk, I don't look at her, and I respond directly...
While I'm walking to Law Colin starts calling to me... I just kept walking, didn't even cringe
Law - Sit there, chill, do work, play square block in thingys
Religion - Watched the 5th part of Ghandi and then meditated
OOO, the fun.
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