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Lil Quiz:

time: 1:48pm

name: Anita (Nita)
age: 16
school: Some Catholic school in the middle of a cornfeild
birth place: Welseryjp, Netherlands
siblings: Sebastiaan, Patricia
hidden talent: None?

favorite color: dark bue
favorite food: italian, (lasagna)
favorite cd: Meh, the Default one at the moment
favorite movie: Enough
favorite tv show: I dunno... Chum FM Top 40?
favorite accessory: Meh... elastics?

eating / drinking: I'm not doing either
talking to: No one, myself maybe
watching: Chum FM Top 40
wearing: my babe pants and a tank top
listening to: Chum FM Top 40
what did you do today: watched some show on snowboarding, some show on extreme biking, and then Chum FM Top 40
what are you doing later: No real plans, hwk cause I'm going out tomorrow
what are you doing tommorow: the mall? it's almost Christmas dude!
what are you doing for the weekend: This would be the weekend's plans?

did you like this survey: Kinda, kinda annoying
thanks for being honest: Yeah anytime
okay, i'm going now: Okay thanx, I really care
no seriously..l8r: Okay... so go ;)

time now: 1:52pm
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