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My mom is right behind me... sitting... just... sitting
Anywayz, I did my English Presentation, jeepers. I hated it. It sucked ass. People liked it. Said it was good. I thought it stank. I really... really... hated presenting. I turned bright red. Forgot half. It sooo stank. Ah well. ISU, done, done, and done.
Besides that... uummm... Travel stank asses. Geez, 2 questions for 75 minutes. Ugh... stupid teacher. Lunchtime I ate, and went to the Library to write up the relgion essay today. It was otay. I sat with Toy, it was cool. Anywayz. I got that done. Then upon doing that I went to my locked and first got a peice of orange peel whipped at me, but then got it chucked at me from two feet away. F**king Chris.
Then Law, stupid teacher wasn't there. More boring movie about Branzini... and... then Religion... Lotta work. No biggied. Handed in my essay. Looked like a goody goody. Then talked. ALOT. Then drank and ate and everything. I didn't even get in trouble. Nita rocks her own socks... and everyone's jealous!
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