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So, this is the development since last night...
Me and my mom had a convo on MSN.
First one didn't work.
This one didn't either.
BTW: She's off to Bermuda and totally gone, she was supposed to be back on the 12th, she wanted to miss X-Mas, and be there more than here.
We bitched, got into this big thing.
I said I didn't wanna ask questions.
She demanded.
I asked, she flipped.
We bitched.
She's gonna come back for my bro's b-day.
Then never again.
"Cause Pat and Seb still want me here."
"BTW: you contact me, cause I sure as hell won't contact you"

Did you read that!?
She disowned me!!
She doesn't wanna be here for me!!

So now she's gone, permanentally for all I could tell.
I read the convo to my dad.
He is freaked.
He (and me) drove to the bowling alley.
Person he wanted to talk to wasn't there.
He is freaked.

So I'm staying home. All this anger that's constantly showing, and the bitchy way I act towards everyone lately is a direct reflection of this. I can't handle it anymore. So I told dad I was staying home cause I needed to chill (I also had a hude Ghandi project due, which I haven't done cause I was spending the night a)driving to the bowling alley b)crying. So I'm home, the school should call any minute. Seb is home. Were gonna watch Shindler's List when he gets up, cause I think I'ma gonna use it for my ISU.
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