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Stolen from Lindz

? . What's your name? Anita
? . What kind of mood are you in right now? Kinda strange
? . Whats your favorite kind of bagel, and what do you put on it? Multigrain, toasted with butter
? . If all but one color of m&ms were being discontinued, what color would you choose for them to keep making? blue*
? . Do you like dippin' dots ice cream? Sure?
? . What amusement parks have you been to? Wonderland, Marine Land
? . What museums have you visited? Alot, Nature, Science, Civilization
? . Have you ever been to a concert? No... :(
? . Have you ever met someone famous? No, and I wouldn't care. They're just people
? . What do you collect? Nothing at the moment
? . Do you own any band t-shirts? no...
? . What's your favorite eminem song? Hailey's Song
? . Whats your favorite board game? I dunno... Clue?
? . Do you ever hug people? Yes sir
? . What color are your nails painted? Kinda nail colour and some kinda white
? . Are you wearing any makeup? Yes, mascara and some eyeshadowliner crap
? . Do you like simple plan? sure
? . Have you ever heard dreamstreet? No
? . What CD is in your cd player? Ugh, Default maybe...
? . Whats your favorite video game system? N64*
? . How many MP3's do you have? 256?
? . When you go to mcdonalds what do you usually order? Big Mac, Milkshake
? . What was the last thing you bought? A watermellon lollilop
? . What's your favorite quote? "Ain't life grande" (par moi) "no man is worth your tears and the one who is won't make you cry" (Unknown)
? . Do you have any chinese neighbors? Not that I know
? . Do you actually make your bed every morning? No man, I toss my blanket over my whole bed though so when I crawl in at night the bed is still warm...
? . What time did you go to bed last night & wake up today? Ugh... last night 11? this morning... ugh 6:30? 6:45
? . Turn on the TV...whats the first thing you see? My TV was on, Dr Phil
? . What was your favorite class this past year? ... hhhmmm Sit on your ass- Travel... haha
? . Can you tap dance? no...
? . Aren't guinea pigs cute? yes they are
? . What's on your bedroom walls? pictures, quotes, work, mirror, report cards, bulletin board
? . When was the last time you got hurt? emotionally? just now. physically? this morning
? . Do you have an accent of any type? yeah... kinda
? . What flavor tic-tac do you like? I dunno
? . Do you have a deadjournal? No
? . Do you keep an offline diary/journal? Sometimes
? . Do you take any daily medication? No
? . Do you like your picture taken? No
? . What's your favorite thing to do on a saturday night? Lounge
? . What does your favorite pair of shoes look like? My running shoes, silver, lacy, blue
? . How old were you when you bought your first bra? 11... 12?
? . Did you ever have a pet goldfish? No... but my bro did
? . What happened to the goldfish? I dunno
? . Have you ever played with a ouija board? Yes
? . Whens the last time you pulled an all-nighter? Last New Years
? . What was your favorite gift on your last birthday? I don't know, did I have a Birthday?
? . Whats your favorite arcade game? I dunno... I like the one where ya slide the lil disks into the holes on the other person's side
? . If you were famous, what would be your stage name? I don't know, when I'm famous ask me*
? . Do you support eminem? Sure, he just needs to not swear and rag on people. I like him.
? . Who is your best friend? I have none... I lost 'em all like last week (Doug)
? . Who's the last person you kissed? Erik? my dad last night
? . Have you ever had any pets die? I dunno...
? . Do you have alot of pictures from when you were younger? No... I was the loser
? . Chocolate or Potato chips? I dunno... depends on the mood
? . What's your favorite snack? Lollilops. Mars Bar. Cookie (Choco and pb)
? . What's the last resturant you ate at? KFC, take out. McD's take out, and I can't think 'fore that
? . Have you ever laughed at someone who got hurt? Yes sir, selfish I know
? . Have you ever broken any bones? teeth
? . Whats the last book you read? I dunno. Right now am reading: Thin Ice
? . Have you ever driven before? yes sir, illegally, now I have my G1 and haven't driven since
? . What're you wearing on the first day of school? Uniform... uumm... prolly the blouse and my sweater vest
? . Who's your worst enemy? I dunno... I guess Kim is now... ugh... go me!
? . Do any of your friends do s? Yes... I think so
? . Do you have a CD Burner? No man :( I wish... my bro does though
? . have you ever played The Sims? Yes sir, am become addicted again
? . Do you sleep with a nightlight? No man, it pisses me off
? . Whos the last person who spent the night at your house? Darlene
? . Whos house did you last spend the night at? Darlene
? . what's the last over the counter you took? and why? I dunno... some ear infection crap like 3 years ago
? . What's the last movie you saw? Spiderman? Shindler's List? Start of Pretty Woman
? . Last magazine you read? Cosmo
? . Are you waiting for anything? Yeah, life to end
? . What do you do when youre nervous? I figit, I speak quickly, I "shifts her feet"
? . Do you own a visor? No man
? . Do you like hooded sweatshirts? Ooo baby
? . What does your favorite jacket look like? I dunno, my winter one. It's bue and silver
? . Are you neat or messy? Messy, can try to be neat
? . How old were you when you started wearing makeup? I dunno, like... when I went into highschool... uuummm... like last year, when I met Chris
? . You have been granted one wish...what is it? Chris? Life to be good? Kev to start talking again? Rob to start talking again? A bf? ooops, that's alot

F**k a duck!
I hate life... it just allll went downhill
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