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My life thus far:

Thursday: She came home. I was in my room, I don't remember, maybe reading Cosmo or something, anywayz. So I heard her come in with all her crap and clunky heels. So I waited for my dad to walk in. He didn't, so I waited like 30 minutes. He still hadn't come out. I started to wonder if my mom maybe killed him with rage. Ya know, she's already a lil crazy. Anywayz. So I walked out and there he was. Me and him talked about her and stuff so she couldn't hear. Then I sat here talking and laughing and joking with him while she could only listen and not stare. (No one had said a word to her.) So yeah.
Friday: Got up. Went to school. Came back. She was gone. My bro was gone. It was great. I have rented the book Alias Grace by Margret Atwood. Chelsea did her ISU on it, and she made it sound soo good, so yeah. I'm gonna read it. So I read to like page 15. I watched a lil TV, uumm, then I read my book, to like page 40 something a rather. Dad came home, we talked. That was cool.
Saturday/Today: Go up, she was here. I went to my room, read some more. Made it to like page 80, uumm. Then I ate, and watched TV, it was okay. Here's the ironic fact of the day: A show comes on, and the girl wants her mom. So they analyze it all. They're all smart sounding, my mom is listening. I was like... NOW YOU KNOW *****! (that's bad) So I went back to my room. Read 'til page 120. She left. I came out. It was now around 2:30. I played Ceasar until like 7, and now I'm here. Talking to Ian and Doug.
Life is wonderful, no?
I still have to present my English ISU, silly Nita. I need to bring in Shindler's List and show a part of it. For any of you who have seen it. It's the part where the train gets rerouted, and the lil boi makes a sign of a slit throat. I'm gonna stop it right before they all go into the shower where you see naked girly's. It'll be like 4 minutes long. The rest of my presentation will take like 15, so my presentation will take like 20 It'll be sweeeet.
Tomorrow: Grocery shopping, Shopping shopping, HWK, and... uuummm... 'chillin'
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