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So Anita took a big leap

So I'm talking to my mom... well until she leaves for good finally. And I'm supposed to leave tomorrow to St Catherine's to spend New Year's in a church... well ya see. I don't think I wanna do that. Nor do I wanna be with my sister... ever... again.
Ya see... today... Anita got gutzy and she said, what the hell. So I got my belly button peirced... what no one but me and my bro know is that she does have it too. Well. I felt fine and about it. I really like it. It's super cute... I like the way it looks. I like the idea. I like it. Well I told my bro... cause he was there... and my mom knows.
Now I've discussed this extensively with my dad and he is gonna kill me if I do. So I was like... well... I won't tell him. My bro said my sis would be happy for me. So I showed her... Guess what she says.
Tell dad! No... he's gonna kill me. Yes... he has to know. No he doesn't, what he doesn't know can't hurt him. You can't lie Anita, he'll be madder later... womp womp womp.
Well now I feel guilty. Now I am about 3 seconds from ripping it out... cause ya know what... I'll lose my dad to my peircing... I'll lose my mom to an island far far away... my sis'll leave and so will my bro... wow... what a beautiful life... So I think I'll rip it out... that way at least I still have one parent...
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